• Unwriting 01
  • Unwriting 02
  • Unwriting 03

Four channel video installation
Dimensions variable, 12:00, 2010

“Henricks’ 2010, four-channel video-installation Unwriting takes as its subject writing and its compositional – and existential – struggle. Interspersed between quickly alternating still-images of various tools for facilitating communication—such as typewriters, microphones, rotary dial phones, and pencils—are images of typewritten text: “There is a gap between what I want to say and what ends up being said. I think of what to say but choose the wrong words.” The soundtrack fills the space with rhythmic clapping, typing, and ticking while the words struggle to find their shape: “Find a better way to say it. Say it again. Say it better. Rewrite it. Rewrite and revise. Get to the point.” But the point never sharpens and the pencil lead breaks repeatedly. We are left with the promise and the impossibility of reaching the object of our/the writer’s thoughts.” (Anja Bock)