Monochrome A to Z (for Grapheme-Colour Synaesthetes)
27 drawings, 194” x 32” total
Each individual drawing 12” x 15” framed
Typewriter ink on paper

  • _DSC1206_Photo Guy LHeureux
  • AtoZ drawings 2
  • AtoZ drawings 1


Twenty-six of the twenty-seven drawings are composed with grids of letters. Each one is made by repeatedly typing one of the 26 letters of the alphabet. For synaesthetes making the association between letters and colours – grapheme-colours synaesthesia – these images are monochromes. Like the Synesthesia Paintings, these works fluctuate between signification and abstraction.

Though seemingly simple to execute, the manual process used to create the drawings required concentration and precision. Each one required 30 to 35 minutes to complete. The final versions presented here were sometimes the result of multiple trial and error attempts. Thus, the drawings document a durational process, one that was spread out over weeks and months. The 27th drawing – a log that lists the letter, date and time need to complete each one – renders the procedural, performative and temporal aspect of the work accessible to the spectator.