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Happy Hour
Video installation, 20:00, 2002
Dimensions variable

Happy Hour is part of a series of performance-based works that use the comparison of two images as a starting point: the first is an image of the artist at age twelve, taken on Christmas morning. The second is a reconstruction of the first, taken when he was 38. In the video, Henricks appears on-screen, sitting behind a table and facing the camera. The alarm clock featured in the two photos appears in the lower right-hand corner of the screen; four bottles of beer are on the left. As the time 5PM rolls over on the clock’s face, he begins to drink the beer, and continue to do so for the next hour. Once 6PM arrives, he stops, completely inebriated.

When we compare two things (images, pieces of music, texts, etc.) we become conscious of what moves between them: meanings that are difficult to articulate as they lie at the very limits of language. The video component of this photo-based installation attempts to materialize the immaterial ghosts of meaning which flow in the space between two images.